Glenwood Youth

What is there at Glenwood for my teen?

Sunday School

The Glenwood Youth Group meets on Sunday mornings for Bible study. Whether in the teen room or outside if the weather is nice, this is a time set aside for our teens to dive into God's word and learn what it means to apply it to their lives.

Bible Lessons

The Glenwood teens enjoy learning their Bible lessons each week. Nothing is more important to us than to teach our teens biblical lessons geared towards them. Our goal is to support parents in bringing up Christ-like young people and encouraging them to make good decisions.


Our teens enjoy connecting with other teens and Glenwood provides the environment for them to do that. Whether shooting hoops in the gym before or after Sunday service, sharing a meal every Wednesday evening, or participating in group outings throughout the year, our teenagers have many opportunities to build lasting friendships.

Our teens are awesome!


Teens need good friends. It has been said that you emulate who you surround yourself with. We strive to give teens opportunities to be friends with good peers so that they can encourage and strengthen each other.


Our teens love basketball, throwing a football, air hockey, ping pong, and other games inside our full sized gym. Before and after Sunday service, they are welcome to have some fun in the gym and have the same opportunity on Wednesday evening.