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Glenwood Baptist Church of Powell
Monday, December 09, 2019
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Glenwood Links

Recommended Apps for smart phones
Prayer List - no frills app to list Prayer requests. Look for "Prayer List" the authors name is Smith.
Scripture Typer - very good Bible Verse Memory tool
Thompson Bible - Chain reference - many explanations and Verse links
Bible Gateway - Bible translations, Commentaries, tons of helpful Bible study stuff.
Keep watching as we find more we will post them.
As always with an App.,  be sure and check the permissions to make sure they are within bounds of what you accept on your phone.
Bible Study Resources
        Net Bible    Online Bible with Study helps
      Bible Study Tools  Many Bible Study Helps
      The Verses Project  Bible Verses set to Music. They have many verses available, and will
                                        eventually have the entire Bible 
     Bible Gateway   Many Study helps
Baptist News Perspective
     www.baptistpress.com  Baptist Press
     www.abpnews.com       Associated Baptist Press
 Christian Book Store
 International Mission Board
 Knox County Association of Baptists
 North American Mission Board (NAMB)
 Southern Baptist Convention
 Tennessee Baptist Convention