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Glenwood Baptist Church of Powell
Thursday, November 15, 2018
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3-L Club

Our 3L Club is always on the go...
               we are Living Longer and Loving it!!


          The 3-L Club is especially for those folks who do not work during the week to have an opportunity to fellowship with other church members and gather together for Fun, Food, and Friendship. Check our calendar to see when we are taking off on another outing. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN!

                         Everyone is Welcome....
                           Come see where we will be....    
Please take note that the 3-L club is making a change to their meeting day. We will now begin meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of every month; so that more people can be active in our group and we can enjoy more great fellowship.                   

For more information about our 3L activities contact our Church office 938-2611

Pine Apple Tea Room, Cumberland Gap 9-20